Co-Branded Patnerships


LCF has partnered with interior designers and hotels across the world.

We partner with hotels in the context of hosting art exhibitions, arranging art collection rotations and organising private commissions.

We have partnered with interior designers in the context of providing art for showcase homes, private collections, and private commissions.

What we offer:

Fine Art and Contemporary Art Sourcing

Fine Art Commissions, Portrait Commissions, Hospitality and retail commissions – LCF specialises in commissioning, curating and renting art for your office or workplace.

As a commission is so bespoke and personal to you the best way to start is by getting in touch with us to talk things through.

Why commission?

Commissioning is a special experience: a meeting of minds between client and artist. The process allows you to really engage with an artist, begin a conversation with them and discuss the painting or sculpture for you. The unique result is not only a bespoke work of art that you will treasure for years, it also holds the memories of the creative process that went into making it.

Are you interested? E-mail us here.