The B Beyond Philanthrometer is a barometer of global philanthropic endeavours.

From protecting the environment  to supporting the arts; from fundraising initiatives to innovative sponsorship programs; from helping local communities to spearheading sustainability in remote parts of the world, we highlight and celebrate outstanding contributions to philanthropy.

Major philanthropists are interviewed on a regular basis and exclusively for B Beyond magazine.

The Philanthrometer Events

The Philanthrometer Events are a platform for global philanthropists to interact and share/exchange ideas/experience with their peers.

Recognising the fact that individual philanthropists, although united by a common goal to leave a better world, are primarily concerned with the work of their own foundations, we at B Beyond magazine, have long advocated greater integration.

Building on the central idea that humanitarian efforts can be enhanced through co-operation, we are bringing together the individuals who have redefined giving in the 21st century.

Participation in the Phulanthrometer Events is by invitation. If you wish to register as a corporate attendee please submit a formal request via the website.